Thérèse Lanz is a lifelong creator and enthusiast of fantastic art, specializing in 3D environment and prop art for video games. Thérèse is currently happily employed as a 3d artist at UbiSoft Halifax! She interned at NetherRealm studios, where she worked on both Mortal Kombat X and Mortal Kombat X Mobile. She graduated on the Dean’s List from Tribeca Flashpoint Academy with a degree in Game Art. Prior to her time in game dev, she was a commercial graphic designer for over a decade, and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Communications from the University of Calgary. Born in the Philippines and raised in the Canadian Rockies, Thérèse enjoys new landscapes and challenges, in-game and otherwise.

When not slinging pixels, Thérèse also plays in a metal band, eats tacos, and enjoys a good session of Dungeons and Dragons (after being a 3.5e purist, she is finally accepting that 5e is awesome).